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S.F.'s 19th century Russian fracas over bigamy, youth abuse
Terence Emmons laid out the details in his precise 1997 examine of the affair, "Designated Sex and Threatened Energy: Doctor Russel, Bishop Vladimir, and the Russians in San Francisco, 1887-1892." Bishop Vladimir - whose lay name was Vasily Sokolovsky ...

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Gandhi Cast-off His Position To Sexually Attainment Young Women
Sri Lanka Keeper
That's not a valid argument for me and so I began to dig into archives for more poop till a total picture emerged. And that picture irate ... They not only recognized that he was abusing his importance and power in a way that was unethical

Policemen: GPS helped untangle, didn't dissuade killings
Worcester Cablegram
The situation has raised new questions about the effectiveness of the devices that are presumed to deter criminals by keeping them away from forbidden acreage such as schools and playgrounds and from anyone who has a shielding order. They are also


Designated serial killings in Southern California highlight limits of GPS
This undated photo provided by the Anaheim Protect Department and the Santa Ana Administer Department shows Martha Anaya, 28, of Santa Ana, Calif. Anaya is one of four women believed killed by two parolees. .... when two sex offenders are together, as Place
Alleged serial killings highlight GPS limitsColumbus Ledger-Enquirer
Regulate: GPS tracking of 2 California sex offenders helped explicate but didn't Times Colonist

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UN has no bang on to lecture Britain, says Daniel Hannan
Quotidian Mail
How often do most couples have sex? ... You might say China, where female embryos are disproportionately aborted, or Yemen, where a girl's evidence is worth half a man's, or Afghanistan, where virtue killings are widespread, or Saudi Arabia, where