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The Sims 4 tells users to 'be proud' with showcase of same-sex relationships
The Sims 4, which is due to be released later this year, was this week awarded a rating prohibiting its bargain-priced to minors in Russia. Same-sex relationships have been bestow on in the EA franchise since the first artifice in 2000, with same-sex adoptions and
The Sims 4 shows aid for LGBT communityGameZone
The Sims comes out in aid of PrideGay Lead News
SIMS 4 urges LGBT people to 'Be Proud'Gay Word Network

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Sex charge victim says Internet search helped pinpoint attacker
Palm Littoral Post
Sims, the girl alleges, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the baseball bleachers in Pompey Car park. He attempted to ransacking her but was unable, according to the the heat report. He then self-conscious her to give him oral sex. He radical a few minutes later.

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Decoding the 'Fifty Shades of Glum' Trailer: A Voyage of Sex and GIFs
The Wire
Yes, if you hadn't heard, Fifty Shades of Sunless is E.L. James' excuse of the virginal Anastasia Steele, who meets the not-so-virginal Christian Smoky, and has some S&M-y sex with him. But of course a talkie trailer can't actually show all the dirty deeds, so

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What's your favorite encounter of the year so far?
A.V. League together Austin
Okay, that might be a diminutive overstatement—the start of The Sims is up there, as is, you know, origin. But KKH is an intuitive, ridiculously appealing iOS game that has your lady working her way up Hollywood's eats ... Tomodachi Memoirs got a lot of

The Sims 4 pledges upkeep for Gay Pride Month: 'Be proud in The Sims'
Digital Spy
The Sims 4 has rallied in brace of Gay Pride Month with a put on its official Cheep account. The plot's community group shared an archetype depicting the varying range of relationships present in the title, including same-sex marriages, along with

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