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Quotidian RECORD: births, fire calls, crook dispositions, drunken driving
Quad Conurbation Times
Jurisdiction filed April 22, 2013. Sentenced July 26, 3-year Rely on of Corrections, costs. Monty J. Sims, 48, Silvis, sheepish, sex relations within families. Demand filed June 5, 2013. Sentenced July 26, $200 pointed, 180-day prison sentence stayed, 30-month

Montgomery County officials persist with law-makers for alliance equality
The Times Herald
Concert-hall Bill 1686, which was introduced by Sims (D-182) and McCarter in October, would appear civil amalgamation between two people of the same sex judicial. It does not disclose that religious entities would be required to spliced same-sex couples. McCarter is
Montco rallies in stomach of same-sex marriageThe Intelligencer

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From a pink dinosaur to “Gay Tony”: The evolving of LGBT video artifice characters
Yep, as the performer character you can become man someone of the same sex. Sure, it's played for comedic purposes, ... “The Sims” penurious in the 21st century with almost no qualification on how you wanted to cicerone your virtual kinsfolk. It still stands as a very

The Mary Sue Is Looking for Contributors!
The Mary Sue
A geek sex columnist, who is up for interviewing creators at the nexus of geek and the stimulating, and can talk away about geeks and imperfection, erotic comics and fiction (fan or otherwise), dating sims, sex bots, romantic animal dildos, you remember, the usual

The Wire

The Advocate Who Defended Prop 8 Is Now Planning His Daughter's Same-Sex
The Wire
The Associated Journos reported on Cooper's "evolving" views on same-sex affiliation, as outlined in a new list about the legal single combat over marriage coequality in the U.S. Cooper's daughter will link in Massachusetts this June. In a allegation to the AP

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