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The Sims 4 tells users to 'be proud' with showcase of same-sex relationships
Hit computer match series the Sims has reached its fourth instalment, and along with promotional stuff for its September releasing, boasts LGBT-definitive ads telling users to “Be Proud”. EA Games, makers of The Sims, tweeted the above portrait to fans of
The Sims 4 shows uphold for LGBT communityGameZone
The Sims comes out in stay of PrideGay Lead News
SIMS 4 urges LGBT people to 'Be Proud'Gay Gossip Network

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The Wire

Federal Appeals Court Rules Virginia's Same Sex Wedlock Ban Unconstitutional
The Wire
A federal appeals court panel struck down Virginia's same-sex union ban on Monday. The three bodily panel ruled 2-1 against Virginia's law, which also blocks the perception of marriages performed in other states, making it the flash ban overturned

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'Masters of Sex' Evoked 'Mad Men' with Its Interpretation of 'The Formerly portmanteau'
The Wire
Last tenebrousness's Masters of Sex was, to put it absolutely, an excellent, brilliantly-acted occurrence of television, one that should test to any naysayers that this show is playing with the big boys of idiot box drama. It also recalled a nightmarish, game

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'Even If You Don't Like It, You're Required to Appear That You Do'
The Atlantic
The founder of gynecology, [Marion Sims,] experimented on one noteworthy slave more than 30 times without anesthesia, the bondslave Anarcha, and he justified it by saying that atrocious enslaved women don't know-how the same kind of travail as white women. We

Common Star

Elegant: Brad Pitt in TOWIE? Ferne McCann sets her sights on the
Regularly Star
Brad, 50, is currently in Britain filming the issue to last year's zombie hit Give birth to War Z. And according to reports earlier this month, he was spotted in a Wimpy burger bar in Billericay, Essex. Towie babe Ferne McCann's boyfriend Charlie Sims has got

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